Buy or rent the latest blockbuster hits on BT TV Store
There’s a world of entertainment at your fingertips with brand new
films straight from the cinema and addictive TV box sets on BT TV Store. With
hundreds of films to buy and keep from £3.99, and TV episodes from only
£1.89, there’s never a dull moment.

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A wide selection of film and TV box sets

How do I buy and rent films and TV box sets from BT TV Store?

It couldn't be easier to buy a film or TV box set via your TV
Catch the biggest blockbusters and get your fix of addictive TV box sets. Follow the steps below on your YouView or Vision+ box
  • Film
  • TV Box Sets

1. Go to Library >
Film in the BT Player

2. Choose your film

3. Click to buy or rent*

4. Play your film!

*some films may only be available to buy or rent i.e. both options may not be available

1. Go to Library > TV Box Sets in the BT Player

2. Choose your TV box set or episode

3. Click to buy

4. Play your TV box set or episode

*some films may only be available to buy or rent i.e. both options may not be available

Watch your BT TV purchases on the go

Films and TV box sets are cheaper than ever on BT TV Store with the latest hits available to buy and own from just £8.99!

No subscription fees and no ties, just the biggest and best films direct from cinemas, and addictive TV box sets available at the push of a button.
Once purchased, your film or TV box set is available to watch instantly on your BT TV box and across a range of devices* with the BT TV Purchases app.
Download or stream via the app to watch as many times as you like, wherever you want. Click here now to log in and start watching or download the app on your smartphone or tablet.
BT TV Store is available to all BT TV customers, whatever package you’re on. So what are you waiting for?
Download the BT TV Purchases app now via:

Log in to watch
your BT TV Purchases
Browse and watch your films and TV Shows
from your phone, laptop or tablet whenever
you want.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will I be billed?
    You will be billed via your usual BT bill and your purchase will be labelled as a “Purchase” in the TV section of your bill.

  • Can I purchase single episodes of TV shows or entire box sets?
    You can purchase your favourite episodes of a TV show or the entire box set if you prefer.

  • How many devices can I register on the service and how often can I change them?
    You’ll be able to register up to a maximum of 4 devices at any one time (excluding your BT provided set top box). If you've hit your maximum and want to add a new device to the service you'll need to remove one of your registered devices using the Settings > Device Management menu option. You can only de-register one device every 30 days.

  • Do parental controls feature on the BT Purchases App?
    Yes. You can access these via Device Settings > Parental Controls on your TV. You'll need to set up a PIN and define the age rating above which a PIN is required, before playing back a film.

  • When I watch my purchases on my device or computer, will this contribute to my broadband usage allowance?
    Regardless of the device you’re using, if you're connected to your home BT Broadband or Infinity line then any streams or downloads will not count towards monthly broadband usage. If you're connected to a mobile internet connection or a non BT Broadband link then normal usage charges for that connection will apply.

  • For more FAQ’s click here.

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