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Special offer for you

Unlimited BT Infinity 1

  • Weekend Calls
  • Fibre Optic
  • 100GB Cloud
  • Bt Smart Hub Included
Up to
New BT Smart Hub included
BT Smart Hub
UK's most powerful wi-fi signal
vs. major broadband providers
/mth Including line rental 18 month contract £9.99 hub delivery charge applies
Full details
  • Broadband & phone
  • BT Sport Pack

Get more with BT Fibre Broadband packages

Our fibre broadband packages are up to 7 x faster than the average speed of standard UK broadband and keep you connected on-the-go with over 5 million UK wi-fi hotspots

  • BT Smart Hub

    Our Hub’s advanced interference filters help block interference to give you a super reliable wi-fi connection (£9.99 delivery charge applies)

  • 100GB Cloud storage

    Use BT Cloud as your online photo album, entertainment hub and secure storage for important files

  • Online Security

    Help keep your family safe from online nasties, phishing scams and data theft with BT Virus Protect

BT Sport

Get BT Sport and you could be watching within 15 minutes of ordering!

  • Free BT Sport on BT TV until 31st July*

    BT TV is the best way to watch BT Sport Pack. Our TV Packages start from just £3/mth. *£3.50 per month from 1 August 2017

  • UEFA Champions League

    Exclusive rights to the UEFA Champions League & UEFA Europa League live

  • BT Sport Ultra HD

    Watch games exclusively in Ultra HD with BT TV - including the Barclays Premier League and FA Cup

  • Live and breathe Sport

    As well as every UEFA Champions League game, you can also watch live coverage of the Barclays Premier League, FA Cup, MotoGP™, Aviva Premiership Rugby and much more

What makes the BT Smart Hub so smart?

Powerful wi-fi
Superfast wi-fi
Next gen wi-fi
BT Smart Scan

Frequently asked questions

  • Broadband
  • BT TV
  • Phone
  • BT Sport
  • BT Mobile
  • Other
If I go over my download limit of 12GB, 25B or 45GB, what happens?

If you go over your usage allowance, you'll be charged £1.80 per GB or part of. This will appear in your next bill, you will also be sent an email to let you know what the charge will be. You can keep track of your broadband usage on line at My BT

Can I upgrade to BT Infinity during my current contract period?

If BT Infinity becomes available during your contract period, you'll be able to upgrade.

To see if you can get superfast fibre BT Infinity use our broadband speed checker

What is BT Infinity?

BT Infinity is our fibre optic broadband. It uses fibre optic technology to deliver superfast broadband speeds of up to 76Mb, which lets you do more online, with everyone online together. This means there's no more battling for bandwidth, even in the busiest home. It's great for downloading or streaming movies, TV shows and music. You can watch iPlayer with less interruption and HD video with less buffering.

You'll also need BT Infinity to be able to get our TV Entertainment package, which includes 20 premium entertainment channels. Plus you can get free BT Sport on your BT TV.

Do I have to pay an activation fee for BT Infinity?

If you already have standard BT Broadband and want to upgrade to a BT Infinity 1, BT Infinity Extra or Unlimited BT Infinity 1 package, there's a £50 activation fee, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

If you upgrade to an Unlimited BT Infinity 2 package, there's no activation fee.

If you already have BT Infinity and you want to upgrade your BT Infinity package, there's no activation fee.

I've seen that BT Infinity will be available in my area soon. Can I pre-order now?

Use our broadband speed checker to see whether BT Infinity is available where you live. If it's available now, you can go ahead and upgrade to a BT Infinity package. If not, then you can register your interest, and we'll be in touch as soon as it's available.

To see if you can get BT Infinity use our broadband speed checker

See all questions
How do I increase my broadband usage allowance?

It's easy to switch to a broadband package with a bigger or unlimited usage allowance.

Click here to see your upgrade options
How can I get a new BT Smart Hub?

As a BT Broadband customer, there are three ways you can get a new BT Smart Hub:

1. Upgrade to superfast fibre BT Infinity
If you've got standard BT Broadband and you upgrade to BT Infinity, we'll send you a new BT Smart Hub. (£9.99 delivery charge applies.)

2. Renew your contract
If you've got any BT Broadband package and you upgrade, we'll offer you our latest BT Home Hubs at our lowest prices:

  • Get a BT Home Hub 4 with standard BT Broadband for £35 (that's £44.99 cheaper than the RRP)
  • Get a BT Smart hub with BT Infinity for £50 (that's £79 cheaper than the RRP)
(£9.99 delivery charge applies. RRPs are the prices at BT Shop.)

3. Order one at a discount
As a BT customer, you can buy a new BT Home Hub right now at a special discount.

Buy a BT Home Hub 4 Buy a BT Smart Hub
How is BT Infinity installed?

Watch this video to see how we install BT Infinity

Can't see the video? Here's what you need to know:

When you order, we'll tell you whether you need an engineer to install BT Infinity or whether you can do it yourself.


  • When you place your order, we'll request the earliest possible installation date or you can choose one to suit you
  • We'll post you a BT Home Hub 5, which will arrive at least two days before your installation date. It fits through most letterboxes, so you won't have to wait in
  • On your activation day, there's no need for you to be at home. We'll send an engineer to your street cabinet to switch on your new BT Infinity. If you're at home and you've already got a broadband connection, you'll lose service for up to 30 minutes while the engineer finishes their work in the street
  • We'll send you a text when your broadband is ready to use. Then just follow the instructions for plugging in your new BT Home Hub 5 (and broadband filters if you need them) and start using your BT Infinity.

Enginneer install

  • When you place your order, you can choose a morning or afternoon appointment time
  • We'll post you a BT Home Hub 5, which will arrive at least two days before your appointment. It fits through most letterboxes, so you won't have to wait in
  • On your appointment day, we'll send an engineer who will call you to tell you they're on their way before switching on your BT Infinity service in your street cabinet
  • The engineer will then come into your home, plug in your new BT Home Hub 5 and you can start using your BT Infinity

I previously had a date when I could get BT Infinity, but now it's showing as unavailable. Why?

We're sorry if BT Infinity is now showing as unavailable. Our availability dates are our best estimate, but sometimes bringing BT Infinity to your area can take longer than we thought, and sometimes it might not even be possible. This could be for a number of reasons:

  • Blocked underground cable routes
  • Problems with providing electrical power to a cabinet
  • Issues with a cabinet's location
  • Sometimes a cabinet is removed from the roll-out programme because of restrictions beyond our control

If your BT Infinity availability date has changed, you can get more information here

What affects my broadband speed?

These are the most important things that affect your broadband speed:

  • How close you live to your telephone exchange
  • The length and quality of the phone wiring in your home (this doesn't apply to fibre optic broadband like BT Infinity, which uses a special data extension kit rather than your existing phone wiring extensions)
  • Whether all your broadband microfilters are correctly installed. (You don't need microfilters with BT Infinity)
  • The processing speed of your computer, router or modem
  • The speed of the connection between your computer and your modem or router e.g. using an Ethernet cable is faster than a wireless connection
There's a sticker on my street cabinet that says: 'Fibre broadband is here'. But when I check, I can't get BT Infinity. Why?

Sometimes Openreach may put a sticker on a cabinet that is still going through its final commissioning phase. Also, the cabinet that you see near your property may not be the cabinet that serves your property.

To see if you can get BT Infinity use our broadband speed checker

If not, then you can register your interest, and we'll be in touch as soon as it's available.

Other internet suppliers are offering fibre broadband in my street. Why can't I get it from BT?
It could be that the fibre network in your area is not provided by Openreach, but by another supplier: e.g. Virgin Media.
What security and protection do I get with BT Broadband?

All our broadband packages come with BT Parental Controls as standard, which lets you set security and parental controls to keep your family safe.

If you choose Broadband Extra, Unlimited Broadband Extra, Infinity Extra, Unlimited BT Infinity 1 or Unlimited BT Infinity 2, you'll get our advanced security software, BT NetProtect Plus, included at no extra cost. If you choose BT Broadband, Unlimited Broadband or BT Infinity 1, you can add BT NetProtect Plus for a small extra monthly cost.

BT NetProtect Plus, powered by McAfee gives you:

  • Anti-virus and anti-spyware to protect you from malicious software
  • A firewall to stop outsiders hacking into your computer
  • IT Security System to keep you safe from identity theft and phishing emails
  • SiteAdvisor to tell you which websites are safe to visit

BT NetProtect Plus is available on PC and Mac.

Set up BT Parental Controls Get BT NetProtect Plus
What is BT TV?

BT TV is BT's best service ever, bringing you big entertainment for tiny prices. All our packages come with:

  • One of two clever little set-top boxes. If you choose Essential, Entertainment Plus or Entertainment Max, you'll get a YouView+ box that lets you pause live TV, record up to 300 hours of standard definition programmes and gives you 7 days of catch up TV.
  • If you choose Starter or Entertainment Starter, you'll get a YouView box that doesn't record but still lets you pause and rewind live TV.
  • Up to 70 Freeview TV and radio channels§, including 10 HD channels such as BBC One HD, Channel 4 HD and ITV HD.
  • Add flexible TV bolt-ons to get the best in films, box sets, sports, kids' TV and music – all on convenient 1-month contracts.

If you have standard BT Broadband you can add Starter or Essential. If you have BT Infinity you can add Starter, Entertainment Starter, or Entertainment Plus which gives you 30 premium channels, including Discovery Channel, MTV, Comedy Central, FOX, Gold, History and National Geographic.

Entertainment Max is exclusively available to existing TV customers with BT Infinity and includes HD Extra, Kids and TV Everywhere.

Customers can also add FREE BT Sport Pack on BT TV with a BT Infinity package and standard BT Broadband subject to minimum line speed of 2Mb.

Find out more about BT TV
What do I need to add BT TV?

To add BT TV, you'll need to have BT Infinity or standard BT Broadband with a minimum line speed of 2Mb. To see what broadband speeds you can get use our broadband speed checker

If your line speed isn't fast enough, you might be able to boost it with our Broadband Accelerator

You'll need a BT Infinity package if you want to watch BT Sport on BT TV. If you can't get BT Infinity, you could still get BT Sport with standard BT Broadband. We'll let you know when you start your order.

Finally, you'll need a SCART cable (which we'll supply) or an HDMI cable (to watch HD) to connect your set-top box to your TV.

What TV packages can I get?

With TV Essential (with standard BT Broadband) you get:

  • A YouView+ box
  • Up to 70 Freeview TV and radio channels§
  • Pause and record TV channelsˆ
  • 7 days of catch-up TV on BBC iPlayer, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5
  • Hand-pick from our brilliant on-demand bolt-ons for even more of the TV you love
  • You may be able to get BT Sport on TV. We'll let you know when you order

With TV Entertainment (with BT Infinity) you get everything you get with TV Essential, plus:

  • 20 premium entertainment channels, including Discovery Channel, MTV, Comedy Central, FOX, Gold, HISTORY, National Geographic and Comedy Central
  • You can add more premium channels, including a range of kids' channels, Sky Movies and Sky Sports 1, 2 and 5
  • You can add BT Sport on TV in standard definition or stunning high-definition
Find out more about BT TV
How do I get BT Sport on BT TV?

You can watch live sport in your living room with a BT TV and BT Infinity package. If you can't get BT Infinity, you could still get BT Sport with standard BT Broadband. And if you can get BT Infinity with BT TV, you can add BT Sport HD for a small monthly fee.

Add BT TV with BT Sport to your existing broadband package See if you can add BT Sport to your existing BT TV package
How do I get Netflix with BT TV?

Netflix is available with all our TV packages as long as you have a YouView+ or YouView set-top box. If you've got a Vision+ box, you won’t be able to add Netflix.

There are three options:

  1. Watch on 1 device at a time – either on BT TV or on another device like a mobile phone, tablet or laptop
  2. Watch on 2 devices at a time
  3. Watch on 4 devices at a time

You'll be able to watch Netflix on your BT TV set-top box, a smartphone, tablet and PC with all these options, and you’ll also get HD content if you choose options 2 or 3. All these options are on a one month contract so you can cancel easily if you want to.

If you haven’t had Netflix before, you might be able to get Netflix free for the first month. We’ll tell you during your order if you’re eligible. You’ll be charged at the end of your first month if you don’t cancel.

See all questions
Can I watch BT TV in more than one room?

You can now get BT TV in a second room with Extra Box, so you and your family can watch and record different shows at the same time.

Here's what you need if you want to get Extra Box:

  • BT Infinity with speeds of 4.25Mb or more
  • An Extra Box subscription
  • Two YouView+ boxes from BT
  • A separate aerial connection for your second YouView+ box (we can help if you need an aerial or extra connection points).
Does BT TV have HD channels?

All our TV packages come with 10 Freeview HD channels, including BBC One HD, BBC Two HD, ITV HD, and Channel 4 HD. You can also watch HD on demand films.

If you've got Entertainment Starter or Entertainment Plus you can add the HD Extra bolt-on, which includes FOX HD, Nat Geo Wild HD, Comedy Central HD and MTV HD.

If you're an existing TV customer and upgrade to Entertainment Max, you’ll get HD Extra included in the price of your package.

You'll need to connect your set-top box to an HD-ready TV with an HDMI cable.

How do I know if my aerial is suitable?

If you're already watching Freeview channels through your aerial and are happy with the reception, then your current aerial will probably be fine. Here are some points to bear in mind:

  • We strongly recommend getting a rooftop aerial to get a good service and so you receive the most Freeview channels possible. (You may be able to use a loft aerial in some areas)
  • Portable aerials are not suitable for BT TV as they give poor reception and you'll get fewer channels
  • You can't use a satellite dish to receive Freeview channels on BT TV
  • If your aerial is more than 10 years old, it might not be suitable for Freeview reception

Unfortunately, we can't solve problems that are caused by your aerial. The quality of your Freeview service will depend on how close you live to your nearest transmitter, the direction in which your aerial is pointing, the quality of your cabling, and the local geography (hills, trees, buildings, etc).

Can I record with BT TV?

Yes, you can record up to two live programmes at the same time if you have a YouView+ box. If you have a YouView box, you won't be able to record.

How do I get Sky Sports 1 and Sky Sports 2 on BT TV?

If you've got a BT TV and BT Infinity package, you can add Sky Sports 1 and Sky Sports 2.

You can add these channels when you order your package.

Do I have to pay an activation fee for BT TV?

There's an activation fee for most BT TV Packages, except Entertainment Plus that covers initial set up costs.

How do I get YouView?

All our BT TV packages come with a YouView+ set-top box. If you already have BT TV, you might need a new box to get YouView. If your BT contract is running out, you can replace your BT Vision+ box with a YouView+ box for £35 when you renew your contract. But please call us on 0800 100 400 to discuss your options.

Find out more about YouView
Can I transfer my old number to my new address?

If you'll be living in the same telephone exchange area (e.g. Lincoln 01522) it might be possible for you to keep your current phone number. We'll let you know when you start your home move. If you're moving to a new area, you'll probably need a new phone number.

Move all your current BT products to your new home

If you need a new number, we can arrange for your current number to be re-directed to your new propery or to your mobile phone. Just add Caller Redirect to your calling features.

How much do calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers cost?

All calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers are included with your plan at certain times.

Unlimited Weekend Calls:
Calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers are included from midnight Friday to midnight Sunday.

Unlimited Evening & Weekend Calls:
Calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers are included from 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday, and from midnight Friday to midnight Sunday.

Unlimited Anytime Calls:
Calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers are included at all times, every day of the week.

Calls must be less than an hour long, or standard charges will apply. You can avoid these charges by hanging up and redialling.

Standard charges comprise an access charge of 11 pence per minute plus the service charge of the organisation you are calling.

What is BT Answer 1571?

BT Answer 1571 is a voicemail service that lets people leave you a message if you're away from the phone or engaged on another call. You'll know there's a new message for you because of the stutter dial tone on the line.

Add BT 1571 to your calling features
What BT phone package do I have and how can I change it?

Log in to My BT to see what phone package you have.

Or you can change your phone package.

How can I stop nuisance calls?

The BT8500 Nuisance Call Blocker is a cordless phone that can block a wide range of unwanted calls, including:

  • International and number withheld
  • Payphones, or where there's no caller ID

To use these features, you'll need to add BT Privacy and Caller Display to your calling plan.

See your options for buying a BT8500 Nusiance Call Blocker
See all questions
I've already got a BT phone line, but how do I get another one?

It's easy to order another BT phone line - just give us a call on 0800 100 400.

What counts as daytime, evening and weekend?

Your phone package will include calls to UK landlines at certain times of day:

  • Daytime is 7am–7pm
  • Evening is 7pm– 7am
  • Weekend is all day Saturday and Sunday (midnight Friday to midnight Sunday).
What options are there for calling abroad?
  • Friends & Family International
    For just £1.35 a month, you can make cheap calls to international landlines and mobiles. It's ideal if you only make a few international calls each month.
    • Discounted calls to 236 international destinations
    • Prices start from just 2.9p a minute, with a 19p call set-up fee
  • International Freedom
    For just £7.50 a month, you can make inclusive or discounted calls to a huge number of international destinations. It's perfect if you make lots of international calls each month.
    • 600 minutes of calls a month to landlines in our 36 most popular destinations
    • Make discounted calls to another 199 destinations worldwide

Fair use policy. All calls made after 600 minutes in a month will be charged at 2.9p a minute with a 19p call set-up fee.
See the legal stuff for details on regions that are included or excluded within countries.

See international call costs here

Select your package and you can add an international call add-on when your order.

How much is line rental?

There are three ways to pay BT line rental:

  • 1. Pay monthly for £18.99 a month.
  • 2. Pay for a year in advance with Live Rental Saver. It's a one-off card payment of £205.08
  • 3. Get Line Rental Plus & pay £20.99 monthly. You'll get added features with this line rental option

How can I order a new BT phone line?

First, choose one of our phone, broadband or TV packages. When you order, enter your postcode or the phone number you want switched or reconnected to BT. If you don't have a phone number, enter your postcode and house or flat number.

Do I need to have a phone line if I want BT Broadband or BT TV?

Yes, you'll need a BT phone line if you want to get BT Broadband and BT TV.

How much do calls cost?

See our call charges

How can I tell if I already have BT sockets in my home?

First of all, see whether you can find any phone sockets in your home. (Make sure you try less obvious places, like under the stairs.) See if there's a BT logo on the front of the socket box. You can also start placing an order with us online, and we'll perform a line check to see whether you have a phone line with us. Just enter your postcode on the 'Start your order' page once you've chosen your package.

I have a cable phone line with another supplier. Will I be able to keep my phone number?

Yes, in most cases you can keep your phone number. We'll let you know when you order. Simply:

  • Choose a package
  • Enter your phone number when asked
  • If we can transfer your phone number we'll let you know before you reach the checkout. If we can't transfer your number, we'll send you a new number in your confirmation email or letter. It's important to stay connected with your cable phone company until we activate your new BT phone line

    If you don't already have a BT phone line in your home, we'll arrange for an engineer to install one when you place your order.

How can I make calls with BT?

You'll need a BT phone line and a phone package. There are three to choose from: Unlimited Weekend Calls, Unlimited Evening & Weekend Calls, or Unlimited Anytime Calls.

You also need a telephone. You can get great discounts on BT telephones when you order. Click here

How much does it cost to install a new BT phone line or reconnect an old one?

If you're getting a BT Broadband or TV package online, then we won't charge for installing or reconnecting your line.

If you're just ordering a BT phone package, you may have to pay a connection charge but we'll let you know when you order. There's a £50 fee for activating an existing line that's provided by BT or another provider. And it's £65 for installing a new line. (This is an online special offer as it's normally £130).

What’s in the BT Sport Pack?

BT Sport Pack now features eight channels - BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport Europe, BT Sport ESPN alongside their HD versions - BT Sport 1HD, BT Sport 2HD, BT Sport Europe HD and BT Sport ESPN HD. It will show all 351 UEFA Champions League & UEFA Europa League games broadcast live each season, plus the FA Cup, European Rugby Champions Cup, Ultimate Fighting Championship, MotoGP™ and loads more top sport.

How do I get BT Sport Pack?

There are 3 ways to watch BT Sport:

  1. On the Sky Digital Satellite Platform
    If you have a Sky box and an active Sky viewing card, you can easily get BT Sport Pack. You don't even need to be a BT customer, but if you do have BT TV then BT Sport Pack is free & if you have BT Broadband then BT Sport pack is just £5 a month.

  2. On BT TV
    Watch live sport in your living room with a BT TV and BT Infinity package. If you can't get BT Infinity, you could still get BT Sport with standard BT Broadband. And if you can get BT Infinity with BT TV, you can add BT Sport HD for a small monthly fee.

  3. On the BT Sport app and online player
    As long as you've got broadband from BT, you can watch BT Sport on your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet using the app and online player. You'll need to enter your BT ID to start watching.

BT Sport Pack is free for all BT TV customers, and it gives you:

  • All the games from Europe’s Elite Club Competition
  • 38 exclusively live Barclays Premier League football matches, including 18 Top Picks
  • All 69 live Aviva Premiership Rugby matches
  • All the season's MotoGPTM races, live and exclusive
  • Live WTA tennis matches from 21 global tournaments
  • And much, much more

Find the best way to watch BT Sport
How do I get BT Sport Lite?

If you’re just ordering Broadband and want a little bit of Sport, when you’re offered BT Sport Pack, select ‘No Thanks’ & you will see BT Sport Lite on the ‘Add your extras’ page.

Can I get BT Sport in more than one room?

If you're on the Sky Digital Satellite Platform, you can watch BT Sport at home on a second TV if you have BT Sport Second Box. You'll need a second Sky box and second viewing card to able to order.

If you've got BT Sport HD, you'll be able to watch it on both your boxes. You won't need an extra BT Sport HD subscription.

Order BT Sport Second Box
Can I watch BT Sport from the BT Sport app to my TV?

Yes, if you've got the right equipment at home to connect your PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet to your TV, then you'll be able to stream the app onto your TV.

See all questions
How do I start using the BT Sport app and online player?

First, you need to download the app from the Apple App store or Google Play store.

Next, you need to activate the BT Sport app on your BT account. Just login to My BT, click on 'BT Sport' and follow the instructions.

When you use the app, and when you want to watch BT Sport at, you'll need to enter your BT ID.

Will using the BT Sport app and online player count towards my BT Broadband usage?

No. If you watch BT Sport over your BT Broadband or at a BT Wi-fi hotspot, it won't count towards your usage allowance.

But if your broadband service is with another provider, or you watch BT Sport using a mobile data connection (for example on your smartphone or tablet), that might count towards your monthly data allowance.

Can I order the BT Sport app and online player on its own?

No, but it's included for free with BT Sport on the Sky Digital Satellite Platform and with BT Sport on BT TV. The app and online player is also available with our BT Broadband packages for just £5 a month.

If I don't want BT Sport Pack will I lose any of the programmes I have today?

Yes. BT Sport Pack will give you access to all our great content, including all 350 Champions League games, whereas the new BT Sport Lite promotion shows only Premiership Rugby, Premier League and SPFL. By downgrading from BT Sport Pack to BT Sport Lite you'll lose out on the UFC, the FA Cup, Europa League, European Rugby Champions Cup and loads more unmissable sport.

Can I pay for the BT Sport app if I don't have BT broadband?

No, you need to get a BT Broadband or BT TV package, or get BT Sport on Sky Digital Satellite Platform.

Am I eligible for the BT Broadband discount?

If you have BT Broadband at home you can get a £5 discount on your BT Mobile plan. You don't need to be the BT Broadband account holder - you simply need to live in a house or flat with a BT Broadband connection. What's more everyone in the house can benefit from the discount. Simply tell us you have broadband at the top of the BT Mobile plans page and we'll show you the plans with a discount.

What's a Bring Your Own Phone plan?

With a BT Mobile Bring Your Own Phone plan you can use your current phone or buy a new one outright. We'll send you a SIM card, which you can pop in your phone. You'll get a 4G data allowance, unlimited access to BT Wi-fi hotspots plus inclusive minutes & texts. They're a great-value option to get the most from your phone.

If you bought your phone from another mobile provider, it might be locked to only work one of their SIM cards. To find out if you need to unlock your phone, call your current provider, who'll be able to unlock it for you. (Your current provider may charge you to unlock it.)

Can I keep my mobile number?

Not a problem! All you need to keep your number is a PAC code from your old mobile provider. A PAC code is 9-character code like 'ABC123456', that allows us to transfer your number from your old provider to BT. Once you've activated your SIM you can give us your PAC code and the transfer usually takes 24 hours. We'll keep in touch with you to let you know what's happening.

Can I use BT Wi-fi?

All BT Mobile plans come with unlimited access to BT Wi-fi.
BT Wi-fi is the UK's largest wi-fi network with over 5 million hotspots on-the-go.
Simply download the BT Wi-fi app to let you connect whenever you're in range of a hotspot so that you don't use your data allowance unnecessarily

What's 4G and can I get it?

All BT Mobile plans come with 4G at no extra cost!
4G gives you a fast connection. So it's good for things like using streaming music, looking at Google Maps, and watching YouTube videos.
To be able to benefit from fast 4G speeds you'll need a 4G phone. If you're current phone isn't 4G ready visit the BT Shop to purchase a 4G-ready phone. We'll send you a discount code once you order your BT Mobile plan so you can get the best price.
If you want to keep using your current phone that isn't 4G ready you'll still be able to connect to the 3G and 2G networks. Although 3G is slower, it's still great for email and general web surfing.
To see if 4G is available where you live use our coverage checker

See all questions
What's 3G?

3G gives you a fast connection to the Internet. Whilst not as fast as 4G it'll still let you browse the web, check Facebook and Twitter, and send videos to friends or family. To see your coverage use our coverage checker

What's 2G?

2G gives you a slower connection to the Internet. Whilst not as fast as 4G or 3G it'll still let you do light Internet usage like browsing the web or checking Facebook. To see your coverage use our coverage checker

Do I need to unlock my mobile phone?

If you bought your phone from another mobile provider, it might be locked to only work one of their SIM cards.
To find out if you need to unlock your phone, call your current provider, who'll be able to unlock it for you. (Your current provider may charge you to unlock it.)
Or you can buy a new unlocked phone at BT Shop.

How many BT Mobile plans can I order?

You can only order one BT Mobile plan at a time. But you can come back later and order a second plan if you'd like. You're allowed up to 5 plans per account but there's no limit to the number of people in a house that can order.

What happens after I order my BT Mobile plan?

Once you've ordered your BT Mobile plan, you'll receive your SIM card within 1 - 2 working days. If your phone is locked to your current provider you'll need to give them a call to unlock it for you (they may charge you for this). You'll need to activate your SIM card at where you can also transfer your number. You'll then be ready to start using your new BT Mobile plan.

What if I'm on the wrong plan for me?

We want you to be on the right plan for you so we'll let you change it without penalties or signing up to a new contract.
We'll let you move up as many plans as you like as many times as you like. We'll also let you move down 1 plan once within your contract.

How can I manage my spend?

We want to give you total control over your bill so we'll give you some simple tools to manage your spend:

  • A monthly spend cap
  • A cap for spending while you're abroad
  • You can change your cap any time at My Mobile
  • We'll send you texts when you're at 80% and 100% of your limit
  • Download the BT Mobile app to monitor your exact usage and allowance
Log in to My Mobile to see your options.

Can I set up Parental Controls?

We know it's important to prevent under 18s from accessing inappropriate content. BT Mobile offers free parental control services which you can tailor yourself to limit the content your kids can access through mobile websites. These will be turned on to our 'light' setting when you activate your SIM.
To customise your filter level to suit your family's needs, you can go to your My Mobile page and select the right level of parental controls.
You can also configure your BT Wi-fi parental controls.
Log in to My Mobile to set up Parental Controls.

Can I use BT Mobile on my BlackBerry?

We only recommend using BT Mobile with BlackBerry phones with OS version 10. This includes all models from the BlackBerry Classic and Passport. With BlackBerry OS 10 you'll be able to use mobile data to browse the web, use BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) or check your emails from providers such as Hotmail, Yahoo and Google Mail.

If your BlackBerry runs on OS version 7 or below, you'll be restricted to calls, texts and using data over wi-fi. This includes all models of the BlackBerry Curve, Bold, Torch or Storm.

It's because BT Mobile doesn't support the BlackBerry Internet Services option which these phones need to use mobile data. Without it you can't browse the web, download apps, check email or use BBM over the mobile network.

How do I get BT Sport?

If you don't already have BT Sport with BT Broadband or BT TV, you can get BT Sport Lite free on your smartphone with your BT Mobile plan. You'll need to add BT Sport when you check out

You'll need a BT ID to use the BT Sport App. You can download the app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store once you've ordered your BT Mobile plan and have your BT ID.

More information on setting up the BT Sport App

Are BT customers eligible for introductory offers?

Sorry, but some introductory prices and offers are only available to customers who are new to BT Broadband or to BT Broadband customers who are adding BT TV.

What happens if I move home?

You can move your products to your new home.

Move all your current BT products to your new home

Can I cancel my package?

You may cancel your agreement for the service and order for equipment within 14 days from the day after you placed your order with BT. If you decide to cancel within this period, you will have to pay for the services you have used and any connection charges that may apply. You must also return any equipment we have sent you. Where you have also cancelled an order for equipment, you must return it (undamaged and in its original packaging), following our instructions. We will refund anything you have already paid for the equipment but may deduct the relevant costs where damage has occurred to the equipment and it is not in its original condition.

How do I download and activate BT Cloud?

To find out how to activate BT Cloud on your computer, smartphone or tablet, please read our help article

How do I find out more about BT Mail?

To find out more about BT Mail, please read our help article

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